History of Mario Game

Mario game was created by Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) in 1985.In this game mario is a character that brings you forward. Many Super Mario video games are on non-Nintendo platforms. …

Hacking is an attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network inside a computer. Simply put, it is the unauthorized access to or control over computer network security systems for some illicit purpose.

Type of Hackers

The practice of ethical hacking is called “White Hat” hacking, and those…

who am I? what can I do? Am I in happy? Do you have these type of problems. let’s talk about it using IKIGAI concept.

What is Ikigai theory?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept referring to having a direction or purpose in life, providing a sense of fulfillment and towards which they the person…

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free (open-source) automated testing framework. can use multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python etc to create Selenium Test Scripts. Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in 2004. Selenium Software is not just a single tool but a suite of software, each piece catering…

What is mean by test automation

Test automation is the process of performing software testing activities with little or no human interaction, in order to achieve greater speed and efficiency. When automated testing is done through an automation tool, less time is needed in exploratory tests and more time is needed in maintaining test scripts while…

“They slow us down to speed us up. By taking the time to prototype our ideas, we avoid costly mistakes such as becoming too complex too early and sticking with a weak idea for too long.”
— Tim Brown, CEO & President of IDEO

Prototyping is a process of making…

What is Human Computer Interaction?

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is a design field that focuses on the interfaces between people and computers. HCI is undoubtedly a multi-disciplinary subject such as computer science, psychology, human factors, and ergonomics, into one field. The ideal designer of an interactive system would have expertise in…

What is software development life cycle?

Software development life cycle is a process of design, develop & test high quality software used in software industry. It consists detailed plan describing how to develop, maintain, replace and alter or enhance specific software. …

What is flutter?

· Original author(s): Google

· Developer(s): Google and community

· Initial release: Alpha (v0.0.6) / May 2017

· Written in: C, C++,Dart and Skia Graphics Engine

· Platform: Development: Windows, MacOs and Linux,

· Target: Android, ios, Google Fuchsia, Web platform and Desktop

· Type: Application framework

· License: New…

A software license is a legal instrument governing the use or redistribution of software. Most distributed software can be categorized according to its license type.

Two common categories for software under copyright law, and therefore with licenses which grant the licensee specific rights, are proprietary software and free and open-source…

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